Tim Wallace (
Thu, 12 Oct 95 17:51:12 -0400

Hello all--

I have been watching satellites this summer with my son Matt (8)
ever since the shuttle/MIR linked up and were easily visible
over Boston.  I heard about the list from Ted Molczan's notes
attached to his elements.

I am more of a computer expert than an orbital expert; I run Linux
rather than MS-DOS/Windows although the DOS emulator of Linux lets
me run most of the DOS prediction software I have tried.  With
Linux, I can do something else while my predictions run, although
it seems Mike McCant's quicksat lives up to its name.

Obs of the month (so far): 10820 (DMSP B5D1-3), 10 Oct 95, tumbling,
too dim to see between flashes. Counted about a 14 sec interval
between flashes, then 10 seconds until a brighter flash.  Evidently
a complex motion.

Tim Wallace
3 Hilda Rd.
Bedford, MA 01730