SatSit errors and Klaus' photo

Mon, 09 Oct 1995 21:51:28 +0100 (CET)

This message was originally sent by Jay Respler to seesat-l-request at the
end of July. It was not forwarded, and it is only now that I can forward
it manually. Hope it is still of some value to you.

Hi Bjorn.
>The following objects in NASA SatSit Report (June -95,
>and several before) have errors in Apogee/Perigee heights.
I have a listing that is more accurate and more comprehensive.
I'll send it to the archive in the next couple of weeks or so.
>Beautiful HST show
>From: "Mike Johnston"
>I received a wonderful viewing of the Hubble Space Telescope last Saturday
I put the above message on GENIE and got a couple of related responses:
   So THAT'S what that was!  I was giving a star party for about a dozen
people in the local mountains Saturday night, and among other things,
pointing out satelites. We just happened to have our attention focused on
the southern part of the sky when one of the folks noticed another sat.  It
was pretty bright to start with, but it soon impressed me as the brightest I
had ever seen.  It easily surpassed Jupiter as it passed it.  I was
beginning to doubt that it was a satelite.  I reached in my car to grab my
binocs, and when I stood up, it was gone.  It just winked-out in the 3
seconds it took me to grab them.
   John in San Diego.
 Saturday night, we here in San Antonio were all at the ALCON convention
 banquet, but FRIDAY night, a bunch of us were out at David McDavid's
 observatory with some ALCON and ALPO folks and HST passed through the
 same area near Jupiter.  It gave us some mighty good flares, though not
 of Venus category.  It thoughrouly impressed Don Parker, who had never
 seen HST in spite of his using its Mars images.  Phil Budine, ALPO
 Jupiter recorder, was also quite impressed by the display near "his"
 planet.  Flared well near Jupiter, then again just at shadow entry.