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Lutz Schindler (lschindler@assi.s-link.de)
Sun, 08 Oct 1995 21:32:00 +0200

The lines below I wrote to Bart de Pontieu for
his decision to print in next FLASH newsletter.
Now, I put this text to seesat too .

Animated from Satorial by Tristan Cools in the last issue of
FLASH newsletter I wrote the following lines.

About one year ago I contact accidental Bart de Poitieu via
e-mail. He send me the FLASH newsletter on probation and
answered my many questions. I began with observation of
satellites. At this time seesat-l was born and after the
FLASH newsletter there was a new source for news about satellites
for me.

In FLASH newsletter I miss basic articles. For example the decay
information from Bjvrn Gimle seems to be very interisting. But
for a beginner it is to difficult to follow this statements. Bjvrn
please write something about decaying sats. How about the
possibility for a beginner to occupy with this side of satellite
observation ? Which consideration are significant?

Bascic article about the objects in orbit. What is important to
know about the different rockets in orbit ?

Basic article about satellite orbits. The meaning of inclination
of orbits. Particularity of those.

Sometimes I know FLASH newsletter and also seesat-l is only a
publication for advanced satellite observers.

I wish for me, that in future often in FLASH is a basic article.
But therefor the advanced observer are called for.

Best wishes

Lutz Schindler, Braunschweig, Germany

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