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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2013 - 16:56:22 UTC

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    Kevin Fetter schreef op 26-11-2013 17:12:
    > The images when I save them, are saved as a Portable Network Graphics file
    > There's an option for also getting fits images, they just take awhile before they are available.
    > I have placed a fit image, just for people's interest called
    > At
    The FITS header in that image says it was taken with a 35-cm telecope on 
    2013-06-12, time 02:28:24 UT with no subseconds (so only a 1-second accuracy), 
    and says this is the START of the 20.0 second exposure.
    It also says it is a green filter image with pixels binned 3 by 3, taken with a 
    SBIG ST10XME camera and MaxIm DL software, so the time probably comes from the 
    PC clock in this case. It then all depends on how accurate that clock is kept 
    The header contains more information (e.g. CCD temperatures, site Lat/Lon, flats 
    and darks used etc.) that is of less relevance.
    Given date and telescope listed (and that I see nothing but stars on the image, 
    no obvious satellite trail) I assume this is a random image, not the one with 
    the UNID?
    - Marco
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