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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Nov 21 2012 - 14:22:22 UTC

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    Hi all
    With the recent spate of "unknowns" an issue has arisen.
    I recall that several years ago I was instructed how to report such objects but 
    must confess Ive either forgotten the finer details or cannot find the relevant 
    messages - might have been Ted, Mike or Bjorn ?
    I do recall that one of the numbers was the last two digits of the year = eg 12 
    in this year, followed by the year day number PLUS 500,so 17 Nov is year day 312 
    so the number is then 12812.
    I have NOT been following this procedure as Im too lazy to work out the year day 
    and I just choose any number  so this is causing confusion both for myself and 
    others.   Ive completely forgotten  how the other number was derived .
    In order to have conformity and sensible records I think it would be wise if 
    someone could elaborate on how such unknowns should be reported so that we are 
    "all in step".
    Sorry I am a dumb ass.
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