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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2012 - 10:01:51 UTC

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    Morning all
    I dont think much of the proposal and really see it as an attempt to control and 
    possibly try and prevent amateur observations of classified objects - most of 
    which are really debri.   The debri that is a real threat is too small to be 
    seen without modest optical aid and the hit rate by modest optical aid will be 
    very low.
    Besides the chances are that one will see junk that is already being tracked. 
    The limit on US stations is interesting -- if I recall correctly DARPA is funded 
    by the military.   Now if an observer accepts equipment etc to observe debri Im 
    pretty certain  there will be restrictions placed on what the amateur does with 
    his observations - what better way  to prevent the reporting of "classified" 
    I have a modest optical set-up but VERY VERY seldom see junk that is not yet 
    already tracked -- it will require a massive optical effort by numerous amateurs 
    to produce anything worthwhile and I just dont see an amateur effort producing a 
    worthwhile return so I must confess Im sceptical about the motives behind the 
    Nobody gets anything for nothing - other than trouble!
    Just my thoughts
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