Can someone ID this object for me?

From: Kevin Grey (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2012 - 18:24:07 UTC

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    I was outside walking with a coworker last night.  We saw what appeared to
    be an aircraft travelling across the horizon from NNW to SSW with about a
    peak of 40deg inclination (at most). It was just after sunset and there
    were some high altitude clouds (thin with big shadows, I believe) that did
    not appear to affect the magnitude of the object.  Coworker thinks I am
    crazy for stating its likely ISS, as opposed to an airplane.
    I loaded up an ISS tracking app on my phone and sure enough, it showed ISS
    passing with a trajectory consistent with what we had observed but when I
    login to Heavens-Above, it does not list an ISS pass for my location at
    that time.  I suspect that the only reason it was visible was because of
    its trajectory perpendicular to the setting Sun and my geographic location
    and that Heavens-Above may exclude passes below a certain inclination.
    Can someone identify this object for me?
    Date/Time of End of Pass:   11/05/2012 17:32 Pacific Time == 11/06/2012
    01:32 UTC
    Location: 47.644704, -122.139079
    Object trajectory: Travelled from NNW to SSW with peak inclination of 40
    degrees (probably lower)
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