Re: Geosynchronous satellite analemma

From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2012 - 14:01:54 UTC

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    Dear group,
    My sincerest thanks to the various members who responded to me both 
    publically and privately. Very informative and thorough replies as usual.
    Good to see that some of the "older" members are still around (I have 
    been away from the list for about 7+ years).
    Στις 11/3/2012 14:44, ο/η Anthony Ayiomamitis έγραψε:
    > Dear group,
    > I would like to pursue the capture of a geosynchronous satellite 
    > analemma. Is someone within the group aware of a very good candidate 
    > involving a satellite which completes such a double loop during the 
    > course of an evening and over a relatively small field of view?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Anthony.
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