Phobos video of engine burn - Analysis

Date: Wed Nov 09 2011 - 11:38:27 UTC

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    Along the predicted trajectory two bright stars were expected, which are Altair 
    in Aquila and Deneb in Cygnus.
    Also in the video two bright stars can be spotted.
    The spacecraft was expected to be vertically below Altair at 22.57.08 UTC and 
    vertically above Deneb at 22.57.47 UTC,
    which is 39 seconds later.
    In the video the object is vertically aligned with the first star at the video 
    time 00:22 and with the second star at 01:01
    which is 39 seconds later as well.
    One thing that it is not consistent with the predicted trajectory is the 
    elevation of the object,
    which should have passed under Altair and not above. (this trajectory should 
    occur for an observer about 1.5 deg further North, always according to 
    Here the two configurations:
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    >At about time 01:00 of the video, the object appears above a bright star 
    >might be Deneb.
    >Here my guess according to the predicted trajectory:
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    >> Hi,
    >>Are there any observations of the fireing on South America?
    >>There is a link to a video on the page, and on the yutube too,
    >>made by Alexandre (Coelholoko) uploaded by the usrername to youtube
    >>coelholokofilms about the "Phobos Engine Burne"
    >>He published his coordinats, near Sao Paolo, there is with a correct
    >>description, but there arenot time stamps on the video.
    >>How can evaluate this document????
    >>On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 2:15 AM, Paul Salanitri <paul.salanitri@gmail.
    >>> Phobos-Soil:
    >>> Some indications are that it may be in "safe mode".  Let's hope.
    >>> Would be passing observers in Ecuador at the moment - only visible if 
    >>> was an engine plume.
    >>> Paul Salanitri
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