Updated X-37B OTV 1-1 elements

From: Ted Molczan (ssl3molcz@rogers.com)
Date: Fri Nov 26 2010 - 14:20:21 UTC

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    Brad Young's observations of 2010 Nov 26, at 12:10 UTC, revealed OTV 1-1 running about 7 s late
    relative the elements I posted yesterday, probably the result of one or more orbit maintenance
    manoeuvres within the span of the recent observations.
    The following elements are based on Brad's observations, and the most recent of Greg Roberts
    observations, and the assumption that it was coasting in the interim.
    X-37B OTV 1-1                                            283 X 291 km
    1 36514U 10015A   10330.49573769  .00024523  00000-0  55503-4 0    04
    2 36514  39.9869  93.3339 0006175 352.7017   7.3719 15.96472018    09
    Arc 20101124.79-1126.51 WRMS resid 0.059 totl 0.035 xtrk
    The mean motion and rate of decay remain a bit uncertain, but predictions should be accurate to
    within a few seconds per day since epoch.
    Non-Positional Observations Are Useful Too
    Observations, like the one Robert Holdsworth reported today, are also useful, because they can
    provide an early warning that a large manoeuvre has occurred, and help narrow down the time when it
    The sooner we know that OTV 1-1 has "disappeared", or is running significantly early or late, the
    sooner we can organize a search to recover it, and determine its new orbit. The narrower the span
    between the last sighting in the last known orbit and the first evidence of a manoeuvre, the fewer
    the search planes we have to deal with. 
    Bill Arnold's non-positional observation of OTV 1-1 on Nov 12 UTC, would not normally have been of
    much interest to me:
    but it became very important two days later, when Ed Cannon, Brad Young and Mike McCants reported it
    a no-show:
    Ted Molczan
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