RE: The World seen from the ISS - 3D STEREO Simulations (with video)

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Date: Tue Nov 23 2010 - 06:44:21 UTC

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    Crossed-eye 3D is quite common.  Google it if you doubt it.  It's easier for
    some, harder for others.
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    In over 50 years of taking and viewing stereo photos, I have NEVER seen
    photos arranged that way.  Every 3d viewer has right eye photo on right,
    left eye photo on left. When I copied and switched photos, they appeared
    I CAN see photos 3D on monitor if they are close enough.
    On 11/22/2010 4:31 AM, wrote:
    > Jay,
    > The pictures I generated are for cross-eyed viewing (the image for the 
    > right eye is on the left side of the screen); maybe you tried to see 
    > them with parallel viewing (wall-eyed). If they are seen that way, the 
    > perspective will result reversed (distant objects look close).
    > I think it's easier to see them crossed eyes not so close to the 
    > screen, half a meter should be enough.
    > Regards,
    > Simone
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    >>> having seen to the large number of visitors I worked a little more 
    >>> on the simulator, improving the graphic representation and adding 
    >>> the capability to create stereoscopic pictures.
    >>> I have uploaded a few 3D Stereo screenshots and a video (for 
    >>> cross-eyed
    >>> viewing) of the ISS "flight" to
    >>> the same page:
    >>> Best regards,
    >>> Simone
    >> On the couple that I checked, the pictures are reversed, left to right.
    Jay Respler
                  Freehold, New Jersey
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