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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2010 - 09:26:38 UTC

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    No joy on 90058 from Austin either.  Mike has really 
    been searching for it the last three evenings, and I
    have been trying to help.
    We did see the Long March (10-36B, 36829), thanks to 
    Mike's enhanced predictions.  They are releasing
    some elements now with more realistic drag, but it's
    just a difficult object for them to track well.  It
    was flashing rapidly, but I didn't try to get a flash 
    period.  It's inclined such that people at higher 
    latitudes can observe it -- if you can get usable 
    predictions.  It has very high drag and can't last 
    very long.  I wasn't able to see it without 
    binoculars, but it was close to bright enough.
    I also saw AEHF 1 (10-39A, 36868) probably as bright 
    as +3.0, although it was not easy to estimate with 
    the Moon so near.  It seemed to have a shorter 
    flaring time than six nights ago, and it disappeared 
    very quickly.
    We didn't get to see the flaring pair due to the
    rush-hour traffic on the way to the observing site.
    I saw USA 102 (94-17B, 23031) running about 10-11 
    seconds early on my Quicksat predictions.  It's a 
    neat one to see if you get a chance to see it, as 
    it's fast and can flash very brightly. 
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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