Re: The World seen from the ISS - 3D Simulation

Date: Tue Nov 16 2010 - 13:35:38 UTC

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    I have finally fixed the perspective problem near the border. I have also 
    created a short video of the "flight".
    New pictures and the video are available at the same address:
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    >Ogg: The World seen from the ISS - 3D Simulation
    >A few days ago I saw a very nice photograph taken by the crew working on the 
    International Space Station,
    >which shows the Earth during nighttime around the south of Italy. In that 
    photograph several stars are 
    >also visible so I decided to add a new function on my 3D program and to try 
    to generate the same scene. 
    >I am still trying to improve the perspective near the border, however, the 
    results are already quite good.
    >I stored the original photo and the 3D simulations at the following link:
    >I will add the satellite view function in the next release of the program.
    >Best regards,
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