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From: Steve Newcomb (snewcomb@verizon.net)
Date: Sat Nov 13 2010 - 04:45:48 UTC

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    A photo of the ISS going into shadow tonight at 23.31.11 UTC had a visible 
    satellite track passing close to kappa cassiopeia. Used IdSat to identify a 
    satellite passing 8/10  degree from kappa cass: Delta 2 r/b  37217  10060B. 
    Then Skymap to display the trajectories and times of the ISS and the Delta 2 
    to confirm identification.
    Also in the bottom right corner of photo approximate 3 degree from theta 
    cassiopeia was a faint track of another satellite. Same method used to 
    identify Fengyun 1C deb  29866  99025FL as the satellite in the photo.
    Photo taken with Canon EOS 300D with a 28-80mm lense at 28mm, 4.5 aperture, 
    ISO 800, 35 second exposure. Stars to at least 7 magnitude. Delta 2 
    magnitude estimated to be near 7 and Fengyun was dimmer.
    Lat 39.4707 Lon -79.3388 Alt. 2590 ft. -5 UTC
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