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Date: Wed Nov 10 2010 - 00:18:37 UTC

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    I hope I am not going too far off topic...
    There are a number of things that need to be considered for a western missile range launch.  Air traffic, sea traffic, rail traffic, launch danger zone evacuations and road closures.  This forces a public release from the controlling agency of a "window" of time that these conditions will be in effect.  This "window" is simply a block of time that allows the safety measures to be set up and usually does not represent the actual "launch window" for the particular launch that is set by mission requirements.  There was no such public release of information for this event that I am aware of.  If Brian of Launch Alert mailing list was not aware of it with his connections, it most likely was not a rocket.  
    I am a veteran observer of vafb launches since the 1960's, know the sources to monitor and have my spots to go observe based on the launch azimuth, whether publicly released or I have to guess at it.
    So if this was really a launch from a submarine, surface vessel, island, dod, commercial, amateur or whatever, it was performed with no regard to the safety of the general public.  I think its just a slow news day and we are wasting a lot of air time and bandwidth on it.
    If you disagree or wish to discuss this further, please email me direct.
    Keep looking up,
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    > I grew up in the Los Angeles area and saw quite a few Minuteman
    > launches from Vandenberg AFB.  If this had been an actual ICBM
    > launch at sunset, there would have been a spectacular high-altitude
    > cloud display that lingered well after sunset.
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