Re: Mystery launch off California coast

From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 23:52:16 UTC

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    Bill -
     the Western Test Range Trident firings seem to be highly classified, but
    it's been reported that they are several hundred km off the west
    coast; they are not necessarily anywhere near Vandenberg. It's possible
    that Vandenberg, as the primary control site for the Western Range,
    has tracking responsibility. The reentry vehicles presumably splash down
    at Kwajalein.
     I concur with the idea that this event is an airplane contrail.
     - Jonathan McDowell
    > Jonathan's Space Report says there were a few SSBN Trident D-5 
    > launches from near Vandenberg four or five years ago, but I haven't 
    > found the coordinates for the launch points.  And wouldn't any planned
    > launch have included an FAA warning to pilots to stay out of the area?
    > --Bill Thompson
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