Re: Mystery launch off California coast

From: William Thompson (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 23:21:51 UTC

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    I grew up in the Los Angeles area and saw quite a few Minuteman
    launches from Vandenberg AFB.  If this had been an actual ICBM
    launch at sunset, there would have been a spectacular high-altitude
    cloud display that lingered well after sunset.
    As for an alleged launch being a show of force, that only works if
    you tell people you're showing the force.  Saber-rattling hasn't
    been President Obama's style, either.
    Jonathan's Space Report says there were a few SSBN Trident D-5 
    launches from near Vandenberg four or five years ago, but I haven't 
    found the coordinates for the launch points.  And wouldn't any planned
    launch have included an FAA warning to pilots to stay out of the area?
    --Bill Thompson
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