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Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 19:57:15 UTC

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    > Contrails always appear to split in two fairly near the generating aircraft,
    > whether they are 2 or 4-engined as the vapor is confined by the wingtip vortices.
     > Nothing like that appears in the video when it is zoomed in close on 
    the head of
     > the vehicle .  Contrails tend to stay fairly narrow and confined 
    within the first
     > few minutes of generation, even if generated in the jet stream -- 
    again, not what
     > the video shows.
    With all due respect in return, I have spent many an hour watching
    aircraft contrails - mark 1 eyeball, binoculars, and telescope.
    Why? Because I found myself debunking the alleged "chemtrail" bullshit.
    I have seen contrails stay narrow. I've seen them spread massively.
    I've seen the trails from multiple engines stay distinct. I've seen
    them merge into one. I've seen them dissipate quickly. I've seen them
    spread and grow over hours.
    I've even seen the same thing as what's in the recent video, and it was
    an airplane.
    I've also seen missile tests and rocket launches. They look VERY
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