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Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 17:41:59 UTC

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    > Mystery launch off California coast
    > Military Mum on Nature of "Big Missile" Rising Out of Pacific - a Possible Show of U.S. Military Might 
    This pops up every once in a while. Seen it myself.
    It's an airliner leaving a contrail that's being lit by the setting sun.
    It appears to be going straight up because it's coming straight towards
    the observer from over the horizon.
    If we had a time, direction, and location of the viewpoint it would
    not be difficult to determine which flight it was.
    The contrail more than likely also shows on satellite weather imagery.
    As many of us here know who have observed known missile launches, this
    thing is moving WAAAAAAAAY too slow.
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