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From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@poyntsource.com)
Date: Thu Nov 04 2010 - 02:56:14 UTC

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    Appulse of TYC 2033-232-1 
    RA 15 44 20.4
    DEC +24 55 46.6
    Epoch - Today..
    2h 40m 29s +/- 0.5s
    Roughly 4 seconds early..
    But the big question is what did I see and it is very near reentry!!!
    In an ALT AZ view with the eyeballs, it was headed from the south, to the
    north.. Generally horizontalish.. 2:28 - 2:29 UT
    Maybe 4 or degrees under Altair to near Eltanin... Always visible, but
    SCREAMING.. About a minute between these two stars.. 0 mag to 3 or 4 like a
    heartbeat.. Bright Orange.. I think because it was flying in Sunset, not
    because it was glowing..
    It is awfully low, though, and I wish to see it again.. 
    Also around 2:13 UT, Very LOOOOONG and Blue White flare.. Higher in the sky,
    and passed very near the little dipper version of the pointer stars...
    Sorry I can't be more specific.. I was looking through thin clouds and then
    there is the surprise factor..
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