Yet another GOCE flare, 26 Nov ~17:10:26 UTC

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu Nov 26 2009 - 17:23:08 UTC

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    Hi Simone, Bram, all,
    Seems that GOCE (09-013A) shows some flare-like behaviour now on every 
    culmination sufficiently high in the sky. I again captured a modest brief glint, 
    this time unfortunately on an image somewhat marred by clouds.
    Flare time is ~17:10:26 UTC (Nov 26) but will have to look more closely at the 
    image later tonight to get you a more correct time. Observation done through gap 
    in roving clouds! Again, the flare itself was not bright (maybe +2) but compared 
    to the rest of the trajectory it is a short significant brightness increase again.
    Moreover, like yesterday and the 19th, this might actually be an observation 
    again quite far from the central flare path. On that central flare path, flares 
    might potentially be much brighter.
    Of yesterdays flare (not the one reported here!), I obtained a nice brightness 
    curve and determined a FWHM of 0.4s, so it are very short phenomena. GOCE itself 
    is a very fast mover, being in very LEO.
    - Marco
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