Jupiter , ISS , Atlantis and Io too !

From: T V I (tvinvestigations@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 22:53:19 UTC

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    Winds gusting 30-40mph , clear sky and a predicted transit of Jupiter by Atlantis
    Thats how things were looking at 1712 GMT this evening.
    Atlantis was predicted to transit the planet , with ISS a couple of seconds earlier passing to the south.
    As it turned out my attempts to capture Atlantis also caught a fleeting glimpse of ISS , and just visible in the original frames , Io
    On the Jupiter transit tab at 
    http://satcom.website.orange.co.uk/  the top video shows ISS seemingly  graze Jupiter [ 17h12m47.03s ] .Atlantis is there too a couple of seconds behind[ 17h12m50.61s ] but too faint to see
    Below , the second video shows a much closer view and it can be seen that
    ISS is just caught in the first frame ,bottom right , Atlantis makes its appearance three seconds later.
    Apologies for the poor quality of the video. originals are available if required.
    Range to ISS was 845km
    Range to Atlantis 846km
    [Details Calsky.com]
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