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From: Makoto Kamada (
Date: Fri Nov 13 2009 - 11:07:56 UTC

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    I am interested in satellites and JavaScript. So I made a satellite
    tracking website by using JavaScript.
    Satellite Tracker 3D three-dimensionally displays positions, orbits,
    visible areas and so on of many satellites that surround the earth by
    using JavaScript. More than 5,000 satellites, which include debris,
    can be displayed. Moreover, it is possible to jump to the date and the
    place by using near-miss forecast of about 14,000 objects in the
    circumearth orbit. Satellites can be displayed through eight days
    after the day before.
    NOTE: The orbit computation is not processed in JavaScript. Positions
    and velocities of satellites for every ten minutes that are calculated
    preliminarily by SGP4/SDP4 are divided into 600 parts by the Hermite
    interpolation. Near-miss predictions are also calculated preliminarily.
    I thank amateur astronomers who open orbital elements of satellites to
    the public.
    The recommended browsers to run the Satellite Tracker 3D are Google
    Chrome and Safari 4.0.3. Firefox 3.5.4 and Opera 10.01 are
    also available. Internet Explorer 8 and Sleipnir 2.9.1 crash sometimes.
    Satellite Tracker 3D
    The default position is 7,500km above Japan. For example, you can
    start at 10,000km above North America by:,-100&a=10000
    Makoto Kamada
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