Re:Odds and Sods from the geo belt.

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Thu Nov 12 2009 - 21:51:36 UTC

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    Hi Ian
    Ive solved the problem with your statement that 90049 and Unknown 050415 are 
    very close together - the reason is that in Classified.Tle    90048 and 
    90049 are BOTH called "Unknown 050415". What has happened is that since you 
    are running both CLASSFD.TLE and INT.TLE in Heavensat what you are seeing 
    are the element sets from CLASSFD.TLE   AND INT.TLE and the small offset you 
    see is the difference in the two element sets. for 90049.  They are in fact 
    the same satellite.
    I dont use the first line in CLASSFD.TLE where they are called Unknown 
    ****** so dont have this problem.
    Whew - now Im happy as I was really puzzled about the situation.
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