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Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 20:47:18 UTC

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    One more thing....
    At that same Apollo 17 change-of-shift press briefing, someone asked if the Lunar Module Ascent Stage might be visible to the astronauts visually or visible through the Command Module optics (the telescope portion of the sextant). The Flight Director said he couldn't really say if it would be visible.
    Tom Logan of Manhattan Beach, California was there at the briefing with me. I believe he was the person who asked the question regarding the visibilty of the impact (the transcript of that exact briefing is probably in the JSC Public Affairs archives).
    I was in high school back then and was fortunate to be able to cover the mission from Houston. There are so many great memories from that trip.
    I arrived at the space center about 7 hours before Apollo 17 Lunar Orbit Insertion. NASA had a special audio hookup that allowed us to hear live audio from one of the Apollo seismometers when the S-IVB (Saturn third stage) hit the Moon. When the impact happened, the seismometer went wild.
    Brian Webb
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