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Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 17:34:29 UTC

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    Hi Joe:
    I was in Houston at the Manned Spacecraft Center in December 1972 for Apollo 17. I remember sitting in on a flight controller change-of-shift press conference and the flight director who had just come off duty saying the ascent stage would be intentionally deorbited (apparently by radio command from the Earth).
    I believe the Ascent Stage impact was going to be observed by the seismometers that the Apollo 17 and earlier Apollo crews had left behind. If I recall, the Ascent Stage impact was of interest because the spent stage had a known mass.
    Brian Webb
    Southern California
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    >Subject: Question about Apollo LM
    >Periodically I get questions forwarded to me by  the Hayden Planetarium
    >from members of the general public. I wasn't 100% sure  on this one, so I 
    >thought I
    >would post it here on SeeSat for a "definitive"  answer from our group:
    >"What happened to the ascent stage of the lunar  excursion module  
    >after the crew re-entered the command module during  the Apollo  
    >My own guess is, that after the upper  stage of the LM is jettisoned it 
    >ends up crashing on to the lunar  surface.  
    >Or is there another scenario?
    >Any  takers?
    >Thanks in advance!
    >-- joe rao  
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