Question about Apollo LM

Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 17:16:56 UTC

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    Periodically I get questions forwarded to me by  the Hayden Planetarium
    from members of the general public. I wasn't 100% sure  on this one, so I 
    thought I
    would post it here on SeeSat for a "definitive"  answer from our group:
    "What happened to the ascent stage of the lunar  excursion module  
    after the crew re-entered the command module during  the Apollo  
    My own guess is, that after the upper  stage of the LM is jettisoned it 
    ends up crashing on to the lunar  surface.  
    Or is there another scenario?
    Any  takers?
    Thanks in advance!
    -- joe rao  
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