Re: more info for the time for the unidentified object

From: George Roberts (
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 15:42:01 UTC

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    Asteroids move even slower than what you saw.  Usually less than 1 degree per 
    day.  And all are too faint to see naked eye (except maybe ceres?).  There is a 
    nice website where you can put in your info and it searches all the asteroids 
    for you.  Very easy to use.
    For something to move relatively quickly near the horizon and then to slow down 
    towards the zenith and be an astroid just doesn't make sense.
    Tony Beresford already searched and found nothing.  He's very good at this.  We 
    usually do at least 10 minutes and 10 degree windows on searches so I don't 
    think 4 minutes will make a difference - especially since this was so slow 
    moving.  Plus your description doesn't sound like a satellite unless it is 4 
    times as big as the space station and much higher orbit.  It's basically 
    impossible for this to be a man made satellite and noone else has noticed a 
    giant alien satellite a few hundred yards across.  It's probably one of those 
    candle-powered-hot-air-balloons or another type of balloon or something else in 
    the atmosphere (not in orbit).
    - George Roberts
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    Hi everybody
    I checked my camera and there's 3 min 47 sec more time difference from the true 
    so the picture on spacew:
    was taken at 06:21:29 UT on sept 17th 2009 and NOT 01:23 like the picture says
    my location was Chisasibi, Quebec, Canada and we are 4 hours before UT
    What would be my next step if we can't find anything?
    Could it be an asteroid?
    Thanks for your help!
    Sorry for the time mistake!
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