Re: STS-126 pass over NZ between separation and flyaround

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Nov 27 2008 - 08:47:53 UTC

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    As well as Gisborne which is well to the East of New Zealand this pass is 
    overhead for Auckland with shadow exit just before culmination.
     News media there and the local observatory have been alerted- though  it is 
    doubtful if they will do anything at 4 .a.m themselves hopefully they will 
    get the word out.
    A Wellington news source has expressed great interest in obtaining pictures- 
    if you know anyone in this area with tracking telescope and video and/or 
    photo capability who would be likely to be able to arrange observation at 
    that early hour please contact me urgently.  My most suitable contact with 
    the right equipment is not an early riser!
    (It's getting rather busy up there with two Progress (new and old,) a soon 
    to decay Soyuz R/B,  a shuttle soon to be separated and some lost luggage.)
    Happy thanksgiving to those where that is applicable.  (Not celebrated here 
    so think of us as you do so.)
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    > We have the good fortune to have a shadow exit ISS/STS pass on November 
    > 28th at 1507 UTC just after undocking and immediately before flyaround 
    > commences. 
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