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From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 14:27:32 UTC

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    Should get interesting as it weaves its way through the 13 and 19 east 
    positions  occupied by the Hotbird and Astra fleets !
    Unforunately , at the moment , a close in view is vitually impossible due to 
    the weather conditions.
    I  presume the rate of drift  is  1 deg every two and a half days or so
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    > Allen Thomson wrote:
    >>Greg Roberts said:
    >>> Yes there are some reasons for concern if they cannot manoeuvre DSP F23 
    >>> as the geostationary belt is pretty crowded and an uncontrolled object 
    >>> could cause problems.
    >>If DSP 23 is in free drift away from its ~8 E station, how much of the 
    >>geostationary belt will it eventually visit?
    > Im no expert in this area so will repeat what Mike McCants
    > wrote to me:
    > "This object is trapped on your side of the world.  It will drift east to 
    > longitude 134 by the middle of 2010 and then start back west, reaching the 
    > current position and continuing west in 2011.
    > Unless, of course, it becomes controlled again.
    > Mike "
    > so it looks like it will traverse quite a fair bit of the geostationary 
    > belt which is pretty crowded  so could present
    > a threat.
    > Maybe a good excuse to shoot it down :-)))
    > I wonder if the MiTEX satellites could examine  it?
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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