Re:DSP-23 in trouble

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 14:04:47 UTC

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    Allen Thomson wrote:
    >Greg Roberts said:
    >> Yes there are some reasons for concern if they 
    >> cannot manoeuvre DSP F23 as the geostationary 
    >> belt is pretty crowded and an uncontrolled 
    >> object could cause problems.
    >If DSP 23 is in free drift away from its ~8 E station, 
    >how much of the geostationary belt will it eventually visit?
    Im no expert in this area so will repeat what Mike McCants
    wrote to me:
    "This object is trapped on your side of the world.  It will 
    drift east to longitude 134 by the middle of 2010 and then 
    start back west, reaching the current position and continuing 
    west in 2011. 
    Unless, of course, it becomes controlled again.
    Mike "
    so it looks like it will traverse quite a fair bit of the 
    geostationary belt which is pretty crowded  so could present
    a threat. 
    Maybe a good excuse to shoot it down :-)))
    I wonder if the MiTEX satellites could examine  it?
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