Re: DSP-23 in trouble?

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 07:09:35 UTC

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    Hi Fred
    Yes there are some regions for concern if they 
    cannot manoeuvre DSP F23 as the geostationary 
    belt is pretty crowded and an uncontrolled 
    object could cause problems.
    I wonder how much of a loss DSP-F23 actually 
    is -- is it a total loss in the sense that the 
    transmitters have failed or that all control has 
    been lost. The radio signals received by Paul 
    Marsh and myself on 23/24 November 2008 
    seem to indicate that it is still putting out radio 
    signals so at the moment it appears that the 
    satellite cannot be manoeuvred. Whether the 
    satellite is transmitting useful information I 
    have no idea.
    From the optical behaviour last night I suspect 
    the problem was probably due to component 
    failure  - maybe in the "command uplink" section.
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    >power. Either way, gravity will win. 
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