RE: DSP-23 in trouble?

From: Fred Valcho (
Date: Tue Nov 25 2008 - 22:19:03 UTC

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    Apparently, at the least, booster issues are of concern here, or no
    power. Either way, gravity will win. 
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    Hi all
    Yes, DSP-23 is in trouble. In addition to not receiving radio signals
    from it on the 6th Nov 2008 (see my SeeSat report around about that
    date) the satellite is no longer keeping station but is slowly drifting
    eastward  with a rate due to gravity alone. Radio signals were received
    from it on the 23rd November by Paul Marsh and by myself on 24th
    November when I tried again but appeared weaker than previously.
    Optically it looks the same - Ive just finished observing for tonight
    and this was one of the objects observed and I saw nothing unusual in
    its behaviour and its still drifting.
    A study of the elements in CLASSFD.TLE will show problems showed up in
    Quite ironic that DSP-F23 has apparently failed - DSP-24 and DSP-25 were
    cancelled .
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