ISS "toolbag" seen

From: Edward S Light (
Date: Sat Nov 22 2008 - 22:52:29 UTC

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    Just saw a nice pass of 33442 = 98-067BL, the inadvertantly
    jetissoned toolbag.  It zipped past delta Cyg at about 6.4 magnitude
    (seen with 10x50 binoculars in a clear but not completely dark sky).
    IOD format:
    33442 98 067BL  8840 G 20081122223312000 28                      S+064 03
    The "quicksat" intrinsic magnitude is approximately +7.7 (and the
    "Skymap" standard magnitude is about +8.4) based on this appearance at
    a phase(astronomical) angle of 95 deg and a range of about 376km.
    Clear and dark skies!
    Ed Light
    Lakewood, NJ, USA
    N40.107, W074.231, +24m 
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