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From: George Roberts (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2008 - 14:22:57 UTC

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    Michael Dolphin made a siting from an airplane.  He posted to seesat but no 
    replies.  I extracted more details from him.  He is somewhat experienced - he 
    has seen ISS before and knew where to find Jupiter and Venus.  Can someone check 
    for a match please?
    lat: 35.1
    lon: -106.6
    altitude: 10,000 meters (guess)
    date/time UTC : nov 3, 2008 00:15      (nov 2, 5:15pm mountain time)
    azimuth: 130-190 (south)
    altitude: 40 degrees (plus or minus 25)
    heading: left - UNID moved mostly to the left - (towards the east)
    Magnitude: brighter than jupiter which was -2 at the time
    The time is correct - it was right around sunset which was 5:08 local.  Also 
    Michael made note of the time.
    The lat/lon/alt is guess based on time in the flight on an Atlanta to LA flight. 
    No seatback gps display :(
    UNID was definitely left of the moon which had azimuth of 203 degrees.  It might 
    have been as low as altitude 20 degrees from horizon.
    There are two things that don't make sense to me.  One is that it was visible 
    for at least 20 seconds and it moved a considerable distance (possibly 20 
    degrees) which makes it seem unlikely that it was an iridium or other type of 
    flare as I didn't think they could last this long and for this much variation in 
    angle.  The ISS was nowhere near.
    The other strange thing is that it appeared to be moving straight up (12 
    o'clock) at first and then gradually turned towards moving to the left (9 
    15 minutes later it was dark enough for Michael to spot Jupiter.  He thinks the 
    UNID had been significantly left of Jupiter which was at azimuth 196 at the 
    - George Roberts
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