Re: Cosmos 2445R on the way to decay and possibly tumbling

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 06:31:17 UTC

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    I have just realised that if I read Russell's report correctly he observed 
    this together with the satellite itself on 16 November and the rocket was 
    steady in magnitude and did not brighten to the magnitude at which I 
    observed it.
    Still worth checking if practicable to see if it has become unsteady since 
    then, though it won't be long before such considerations will be academic!
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    Subject: Cosmos 2445R on the way to decay and possibly tumbling
    > Observed 33440 2008-058-B Cosmos 2445 R yesterday morning on a dawn shadow 
    > exit pass in a clear moonlit sky.
    > This started off as a quick 1X look at this pass (in view of the early 
    > hour) which was due to commence at 4:33:33 on November 19 local (1533:33 
    > on the 18th UTC)  and be around mag 2.4 at culmination  decreasing to 9.5 
    > mag on loss.
    > However immediately on acquisition I noticed it appeared to be flaring to 
    > around 1 mag in what appeared to be an irregular pattern, and looking 
    > through binoculars this seemed to confirm that that was the case.   Sorry 
    > for lack of precision, I did attempt a count but was not able to do this 
    > accurately in the circumstances.
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