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Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 02:04:51 UTC

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    Crude obs, but these are our notes:
    19 Nov 08,  roughly 23:56 UT pass showed a small dim object immediately 
    behind, perhaps 20 minutes of arc, the complex in 8x42 bins from our 
    20 Nov 08, roughly 00:22 UT pass showed a similar object, this time 
    roughly 0.5 - 1.0 degrees ahead of the complex.  Seen in 30, 50 & 70mm 
    Two other reports from Denton & Keller, Texas, USA on Cloudy Nights this 
    evening both indicate an object apparently "ahead" of the ISS/STS 
    Uncertainty as to exact times & magnitudes exist on our part since an 
    ISS/STS pass does not normally instill "methodical" observational prep, 
    but is rather a great "gawk" for the family.
    Neal Robichaux
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    > Who will be the first to spot the bag that the lady on the ISS just 
    > dropped?
    > Not clever to drop it but astonishing to refrain from uttering rude 
    > words when she did it!
    > Bev
    > COAA
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