TacSat-3 Launch from Wallops Is. in December

From: Skywayinc@aol.com
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 14:41:05 UTC

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    Does anyone have new information on the upcoming  TacSat-3 launch that is
    tentatively scheduled from Wallops Island in  December?  I heard that liftoff 
    will be
    at dusk and will be powered by a  Minotaur rocket; thus it should provide an 
    contrail display for  those living along the US East Coast . . . in much the 
    same fashion  as
    similar launches from Vandenberg have provided for those living in the  
    western states.
    A TacSat launch in December 2006 was observed at  dawn from many eastern
    I'd be particularly  interested to see an ascent trajectory flight path.
    -- joe rao  
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