Chasing CALIPSO (More Laser Beams From Space)

From: Gregg Hendry (
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 07:57:11 UTC

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    Laser spots from the CALIPSO satellite were observed 8 Nov moving
    across the ground.  A dim line of spots was seen coming quickly
    towards the observer starting about 3 kilometers distant.  A Nikon
    D300 digital camera set at ISO 3200 and f/1.4 did not record the dim
    spots.  A clear, bright green flash was seen maybe 100 meters east of
    the camera but was out of the field of view.
    Two cameras at the same location were pointed up and recorded some
    bright green spots scattering off of something high the atmosphere.
    If calculations are right the spots appear to be at 40,000 feet.   The
    photos can be seen starting at:

    The observation site was 80 meters west of the LIDAR ground track
    published at:
    Site details:
    N 38.31298	W 106.02152
    8388 feet
    09:16:05 UT
    Gregg Hendry
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