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Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 03:00:12 UTC

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    Laser light from the CALIPSO satellite was observed in the early
    morning hours of 1 Nov.
    The observer and a camera were set up 1900 meters east of the
    sub-satellite ground track as predicted from 1 day old elements.  The
    apparition consisted of 5-7 dim but easily perceived green beams at
    least 30 degrees long passing quickly overhead.  The camera (Nikon
    D700, ISO 6400, f/1.4) caught an image of a series of green spots
    coinciding with the satellite's orbital position and two separate rows
    of spots scattering off of something in the atmosphere.
    The D700 image can be seen at:
    A Canon S3 digital camera (ISO 400, f/3.5) was set up on the LIDAR
    ground track as published at:

    The S3 was zoomed towards zenith and caught an image of the orbital
    position spots showing some interesting features.  The predicted LIDAR
    track was about 2260 meters east of the sub-satellite track.
    The S3 image can be seen at:
    Gregg Hendry
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