Re: BY Obs Nov 2 and a lot of Questions

From: Scott and Becky Campbell (
Date: Tue Nov 04 2008 - 03:36:37 UTC

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    Hi Brad,
    > Lots more to report, but when I get to the 96XXX objects, I'm having a hard
    > time using ObsReduce to generate reports. Also having to use Mike's "Rosetta
    > Stone" to make sure there's not a classfd.tle object that is identified as a
    > 96XXX, for instance 27169 I tracked as 96013 (I thought it looked familiar).
    If a satellite is on more than one list, like 27169 = 96013 then I 
    report and use the catalog number, 27169.  It is very nice to have 
    integrated elsets such as int96tles.tle.  But since 96013 is also in 
    inttles.tle as 27169 then you can drop all references to 96013 
    completely.  There are many more 96*** objects that can be dropped in 
    favor of their catalog numbers and real names.  This will also solve 
    your problem with the Intl designations in ObsReduce as the cataloged 
    satellites have their Intl designations.
    I follow the same procedure for 90*** objects.  Drop all reference to 
    those that also have a known catalog number.
    After these satellites have been observed I was expecting them to be 
    dropped from the integrated elsets and see them reappear in classfd.tle, 
    but it is nice to have integrated elsets on them if they are 
    infrequently observed.
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