Cosmos 482 Debris as a naked-eye object

Date: Mon Nov 03 2008 - 20:00:25 UTC

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    Hi all,


    Tonight, thanks to Heavens-Above I was lucky to observe from my balcony, the  object #6023 ,  "Cosmos 482 debris" , 1972-023 E ( 206 x 4,001 km, 52.1),  close to the perigee.


    Expected mag 2.8 according to H-A, the satellite passed at 4.5 mag (constant) near Delphini  constellation. It was a nice pass in an excellent sky - one of the best sky to be expected in town and so close to Paris - although for only 10 seconds at the naked eye visibility, especially due to its entering shadow soon after culmination, at about 17h 46.0 UT.




    Alain Figer 


    Paris suburbs

    48.891 N

    2.113 E

    40m A.S.L.

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