re:puzzling sighting from India

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Nov 17 2007 - 14:22:26 UTC

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    I ran a check, since the ariene 5 rocket had launched that night, and so far I get the result what
    they observed, was the ariene launch. So congrat's to them.
    Liftoff occured at 22:06 UTC ( Nov 14 )
    The second satellite ( Star one C1 ) would have been released from the upperstage at around 22:40
    UTC, are roughly 34 minutes after launch.
    After seperation of the Star one C1 geo sat, the upper stage would have performed a manuever, so
    it be safe direction away from the satellites. Then a outgassing of fuel, ie fuel dump would
    occur. It would have occured in sunlight, ie they could see it.
    There location of india, would cause the upperstage, to appear to pass around the area of sky,
    they observed the event in.
    The upperstage would be not a large distance away, at the time the outgassing occured. Over time
    it would get further away from them, due to the geo transfer orbit it was placed into.
    So until someone says different, they observed the ariene 5 launch.
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