USA 197 NOT r/b

From: Brad Young (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 23:28:13 UTC

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    Boy, I batted 0.000 yesterday. Misread Mike's post and thought I saw flashing r/ was USA197 (also...NOT the r/b as I said). Does this bode badly for a geosync to flash this way or has it just not been stabilized yet? Mike, I hope you will change the PPAS obs I had in that email.
    Also, I missed every single one of the other sats I had lined out because I had predictions for Monday night in Tulsa, and it was Tuesday night in Blackwell, 170 miles away! Note to Bjorn: setting up this trip's predictions is why my email was 2 days off...and I still got it wrong!
    Hope to see USA 197 again in two hours. And a few others, if I get the date right.
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