RE: Spectacular DSP 23 "comet" imagery!

From: Randy John (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2007 - 19:53:03 UTC

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    	I had presumed that the dot at the vertex is the booster.  It's
    just where you would expect it to be since it is the source of the
    "comet".  By process of elimination, the dot to the left must be DSP-23.
    I hadn't noticed anything in the upper right.  I'll have to look again
    tonight.  Finally, I believe that you missed another geosat in the lower
    left corner - first three frames.
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    Subject: re: Spectacular DSP 23 "comet" imagery!
    Calling imagery specialists...
    I wrote:
    > This is a spectacular animation of the DSP 23 "comet" as well as the 
    > Centaur transiting north of the sword of Orion:
    I received a privage message pointing out that in this animation there
    is a bright, fast-moving crosser.  Mike McCants identified that one as
    31578, a Long March.  Beyond that, there are also five geosats (one way
    out of plane) that appear in the lower right of the frame towards the
    end of the animation.  I think those look like the group that are around
    longitude 100 west, which is about azimuth 185-186 from here.
    I looked more closely and also believe that I see a dot very near the
    vertex of the "comet", but inside of it, as well as the obvious dot out
    in front of the "comet" -- all moving at the same rate.  Maybe the dot
    within the vertex of the "comet"
    is an image artifact?
    Finally (?), I noticed in at least three early frames around frame 7
    that there is another object that comes in at the upper right that also
    is moving at the same rate as the "comet" et al.  It appears and then
    disappears after three or four frames.  Perhaps it is an artifact?
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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