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From: B Gimle @ComHem (@ComHem)
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 07:51:30 UTC

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    The bright standard magnitude I gave (+1.0) is probably
    caused by the favourable approach phase angle (~166 degrees)
    Asian, Australian, African and European observers
    can take advantage of that until about 19:00 UT Tuesday
    (US on Mo-Tu night, local time)
    Though, as Rainer notes, you will usually have vectors
    available for all fly-by spacecraft, but if not, you can
    convert geocentric RA-Dec-range or Lat-Long-Height
    (with some effort any look-angle ephemeris) to vectors.
    With some additional effort, you can also produce
    the velocity vectors.
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    >Horizons gives you vectors if you request them. select
    >Ephemeris Type [change] :  VECTORS
    >and you get what you need.
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