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Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 19:02:49 UTC

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    Off topic and the article disparaged Boeing in any event who made a complete 
    mess of the FIA project and lied in the first place to get the contract. 
    Additionally, thank god someone is watching the purse on these things...
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    > Today's New York Times carries a lengthy article on the US reconsat 
    > program:
    > I must say I'm not too thrilled with the way the NYT uses every
    > opportunity to disparage the government, particularly the space
    > program. A few days ago it headlined how NASA was "scrambling" to fix
    > the broken solar panel on the ISS. Why not use the word "mobilizing"?
    > The word "scrambling" carries an I believe unwarranted subtle message
    > of incompetence, as in the expression "mad scramble." Add up thousands
    > of these kinds of subtle, subliminal digs every day and it must surely
    > affect the psychology of the readership.
    > San Diego has recently been plagued with evening clouds, but things
    > cleared up a bit last night and a friend and I went out to find Comet
    > Holmes. Sure enough, there it was. It showed up quite nicely in 11x80
    > binoculars, about half the size of the moon. My pal could easily see
    > it without the binoculars but I could not make it out--the sky is
    > pretty bright in the city and my eyesight is not what it used to be.
    > I wonder which of the two new ISS debris pieces is the pliers that
    > Scott Parazynski let go on his panel-repair spacewalk.
    > Finally, I note the current absence of 2007-054 from SpaceTrack's
    > SatCat. Guess this is because the launch is classified. I expect three
    > objects: the Delta 4 2nd stage (in an LEO), the Delta 4 3rd stage (in
    > a HEO transfer orbit), and the DSP spacecraft (in HEO).
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