From: Paul Henney (ph014a5309@blueyonder.co.uk)
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 18:26:42 UTC

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    Whilst having a quick look at Comet Holmes this PM, I spotted 2 sats moving
    across the field of view in my 10X50Bs
    1st moved E-W (in the field of view) , faint (circa Mag 6) about 2 degrees
    below C/Holmes. A few seconds later a sat moving in exactly the opposite
    track but brighter (Mag 4ish) passed through the field of view.
    This Ive IDed from Heavans Above as the Spot 4 upper stage but was
    wondering if anybody had a clue as  to the ID of the first sat.
    Time was circa 17:52 UT
    Location Sheffield UK ( 53.3830N, 1.4660W)
    230m ASL
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