Re: Last DSP satellite launch on Nov 11

Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 08:51:58 UTC

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    In a message dated 11/8/2007 8:41:46 AM Eastern  Standard Time, writes:
    The Centaur burn for 3 minutes at  22000 miles and the residual fuel and 
    dump after payload separation  should be visible as two naked-eye "comets" 
    6+ hours after launch from  the entire western hemisphere since this will 
    over the equator at  longitude 90 west.
    Hi Mike --
    Thank you for the advance notice of  this event.  From my driveway in Putnam 
    Valley, NY, I had an excellent  south-southwest sky view toward Orion and 
    Eridanus.  However, after  scanning the area with my 7x35 wide-angle (11-degree) 
    binoculars, I was unable  to witness neither the predicted burn nor the fuel 
    dump.  I did leave my  post at 3:11a.m. to double check the Spaceflight Now 
    website, only to find out  that the the Delta 4-Heavy rocket's upper stage ignited 
    at 3:00 a.m. for the  third time of the night.event and succesfully completed 
    at 3:03 am.  I  would be interested to learn if you or other SeeSat-L members 
    were more  successful in witnessing either event that I.
    -- joe rao  
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