NASA Skywatch Applet for computing STS pass on entry, see KSC 238 or KSC 239 options

Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 17:35:23 UTC

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    The NASA website has a Java applet which computes observing 
    opportunities on the entry path. It is functional as of Nov 6. Run the 
    Skywatch applet from:
    You may use the input tab manually or click on the map to select your 
    In the Satellite pulldown, click on KSC 238 entry or KSC 239 entry
    If the path is above your horizon, you will get a table of altitudes 
    and azimuths with times.
    I have also seen shuttles on entry in daylight, about as bright as 
    Venus around magnitude minus 4, so it's possible, though not the 
    spectacle of a night entry.
    Dan Laszlo
    Ft Collins CO USA
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